We have a few differently sized spaces:

Asphalt spaces are 18’ wide by 40’ deep

Field spaces are 15’ wide by 35’ deep

Grass spaces are 20’ by 20’

Asphalt Spaces are located between the Grass Spaces and the Field Spaces.
The size of this space is big enough to keep your truck and trailer hooked up.

Grass Spaces are inside the fence line in the middle of the entire swap meet and next to the Car For Sale Area.

We fill the entire fairgrounds so it just depends what type of rig you will be bringing and what your needs are.

When reserving your spaces, please make sure you allow enough room for all your items, vehicles and trailers to fit on your spot. We don’t have any inside parking for extra stuff, so if it doesn’t fit, you must take it outside the fairgrounds or buy another space.